Our Staff

Leadership Team

Head Teacher:   Mrs Z. Rollinson
Deputy Head Teacher:   Mrs S. Davidson

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader – class based:   Mrs J. Sutherland
Year 3 and 4 Phase Leader – class based:   Miss S Aheer
Year 1 and 2 Phase Leader – class based:   Mrs F. Southall

SEND Lead:   Mrs S. Abley

School Business Manager:   Mrs Chodha-Multani

Class Teachers

Indigo – Year 6:   Mrs J Sutherland
Violet – Year 6:   Miss N Ali
Lilac – Year 5:   Miss T Roberts
Purple Year 5:   Miss D Bayliss
Orange Year 4:   Miss C Hazlehurst
Green Year 3: Mrs C Lockwood
Blue Year 3:   Miss S Aheer
Pink Year 2:   Mr J Hammer
Yellow Year 1/2:   Mrs F Southall
Red Year 1:   Mrs E Whitehouse / Mrs S Salmond

Reception – Butterfly:   Miss A Hill / Mrs K Ball
Nursery – Ladybird:   Miss L Walker
Nursery -Busy Bee:   Miss L Walker
Nursery – Caterpillars:   Miss L Walker

Additional Teachers

Reading Recovery Teacher:   Mrs E. Jackson

SEND Staff

KS2 (5+6) BRP Reading support:   Mrs Cox (Pitt)

KS2 (3+4) BRP Reading support:   Ms Price
KS1 BRP Reading support:  Mrs Hazlehurst
1:1 support:   Mrs Astley
1:1 support:   Mrs Walker
1:1 support:   Mrs Ward

Learning Support

Indigo:   Miss Holder
Violet:   Mrs Greenway

Purple:   Miss Preston
Orange:   Miss Campbell
Green:   Mrs Tamber / Miss Campbell
Blue:   Mrs Tamber
Pink:   Mrs EvansTamber
Yellow:   Mrs Evans

Red: Miss Khanna

Butterfly:   Mrs Cunneen
Nursery:   Mrs Sohal / Mrs Busmiene

Site Staff

Site Manager:   Mr Parker-Musgrove
Finance Assistant:   Mrs Haywood
Data + HR Assistant:   Mrs Barnett
Receptionist & Admin Assistant:   Mrs Martin
Receptionist:   Mrs Sangha

Cleaners:   Mrs Collier / Ms Blackford / Miss Reid

Fulltime PPA and Management Cover

PPA Cover – Music:   Miss Baldwin
PPA Cover – P.E:   Miss Cotham
Management:   Ms Salmond


Lunchtime Supervisors

Nursery:   Mrs Bhoondpal
EYFS:   Mrs Marshall / Mrs Dudfield
Key Stage 1:   Miss Bagley
Key Stage 2:   Mrs Sutton / Mrs Weller / Miss Robinson / Miss Blackford / Mrs Record / Mrs Hazlehurst