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Yes, it’s a thing.

Over the last few years I’ve noticed how different children (and young people) are in the last week of a school year. Endoftermitis is a very common condition (for children and staff - I should probably throw in parents too).

Children are aware of impending change; a long break to look forward to (or not), the anticipation of a new school year, new class teacher or even a new school.

There is so much much going on too; end of year performances, celebrations and transition days.

It’s a lot for our children to deal with, particularly our more sensitive ones.

The excitement, exhaustion and the uncertainty can cause some of our children to behave differently.

Some of our children are beyond tired (emotionally and physically). This may cause them to get angry, frustrated or upset much quicker than they normally would. They may be over emotional; fed up, crying at the slightest thing, find it hard to sleep, and they might need more of you.

They might want more hugs, more reassurance, more calm.

Go gently with them.


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