English – Reading Recovery & BRP

Reading Recovery


Reading Recovery is a school based literacy intervention programme targeting children aged five to six who need additional support, it is designed to enable the children selected to reach age-related expected levels within 20 weeks. Involving a series of one to one lessons daily the children are involved in lessons tailored to their needs and are administered by a specially trained teacher.


Lanesfield has included Reading Recovery within the curriculum since 2016 and have since become an accredited Reading Recovery centre. Led by Mrs Jackson we have seen 12 children successfully take on and complete the programme, ensuring their learning is supported within the classroom during and once the programme has completed.



BRP – Boosting Reading Potential is a targeted one-to-one intervention scheme which aims to improve the way children read. The intervention lasts 10 weeks and is delivered in 15- minute sessions which follow a common structure and focus on the development of independent reading strategies. It is a bespoke programme personalised to each child’s needs and is designed to support children to reach their full reading potential.


Lanesfield has embedded BRP within Key Stage One and Key Stage Two; delivered by trained support staff who have specified time to work alongside children over the course of each week. Overseen by Mrs Jackson, lessons attend to the skill of reading fluently and with understanding, extending vocabulary, comprehension and skimming and scanning skills. The children are assessed formally at the beginning and the end of the programme to measure progress and inform any further interventions.