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Pre-Admission Information


Parents considering sending children to our Nursery school should contact the school directly at the earliest opportunity and their interest will be recorded. The school will be pleased to help with any enquiries.

Children are admitted to Nursery following their third birthday according to spaces available.


Date of Entry

We aim to establish a partnership with parents before admission and this is done through a home visit.


  • Parents meeting

  • Planned induction programme

Parents who are considering sending their chid to the school should contact the school administrator who will be pleased to arrange an appointment so you can look around the school and discuss any points you may have.


Admissions Policy


Parents of children transferring to Infant Reception must complete the application form from the Wolverhampton “Starting School” booklet and return it to City of Wolverhampton Council, School Admissions, Civic Centre, Wolverhampton WV1 1RR.

All places are allocated by the School Admissions and Transfers team.

  • The published admission number (PAN) for every year group in Lanesfield Primary is 45 for all years from reception through to year 6. This means we are a 1 and a half form entry.

  • Nursery admittance is 44 in total with 22 morning and afternoon.
    This is the maximum number of pupils that the admission authority will allow us to admit each year.

  • The expected number of pupils on roll at the school is 359 and the school’s age range is 3 – 11 years old. However, due to a bulge class in current year 1 admission numbers will be 374 until 2022 when current bulge class will leave and PAN will return to 359.

  • The oversubscription criteria will be applied, if the admission authority receives more applications than there are places in our school for any particular year group.

Before admission the following will take place:

  • A parents meeting led by the Headteacher and Early Years Staff

  • An induction programme

Transferring from other schools


Parents who wish to transfer their child to Lanesfield Primary School because they are experiencing difficulties at their current school would firstly be advised to discuss the problems with the Head Teacher of their child’s current school.

If a parent then decides that they wish to move their child to this school, they are welcome to have a tour of the school with the Head Teacher and discuss the matter with her.

Application must then be made to the Local Authority in which they reside on an “In-Year Common Application Form” which is available from the School Admissions and Transfers Team.

The application will be assessed by the Team to determine if it meets the criteria for consideration under the Fair Access Protocol and places will be allocated in accordance with this. It would also be helpful if parents/carers could advise school at the time of application if their child has any special needs.


Over Subscription


In the case of over subscription, places will be allocated in accordance with the Authority’s admission criteria by the Local Authority (as they are the Admitting Authority for the school), as follows:

  1. Special Educational Needs A child with a statement of Special Educational Needs which specifies the school concerned in part 4 of the statement

  2. Children Looked After (as defined by Section 22 of the Children Act 1989) A child who is in the care of a Local Authority or provided with accommodation by that Authority.

  3. Medical / Social Whether there are specific medical or social circumstances that can be met only by the child’s attendance at the preferred school. Please note that only in very exceptional cases are places allocated in respect of child’s/parent’s medical/social grounds.

  4. SiblingsWhether siblings attend the school (or associated Junior School) and will still be attending the school when the new child starts.

  5. Religious Reasons – To a child who has religious reasons for attending the preferred voluntary controlled school and for whom it can be demonstrated that she/he has strong Church connections. These reasons will only be taken into consideration if the preferred school is the nearest Church of England (voluntary aided or voluntary controlled) school to the child’s home address.

  6. Distance – How close the child lives to the school requested with those living closest to the main entrance to the school by a straight line measurement (as measured by the GIS software used by the Authority for this purpose) gaining the highest priority.

Please Note: If there is insufficient number of places to accommodate all the children of a particular criterion the next criterion will be used to assess the applications concerned in order to determine the allocation of places.


SEND Pupils


Our Governing Board is required by Section 324 of the Education Act 1996 to admit to the school a child with a Statement of Special Education Needs that names the school. Under Section 37 of the Children and Families Act 2014 if Lanesfield is the school named in an Education, Health and Care Plan we will admit the child. This is not an oversubscription criterion. Lanesfield Primary will admit such children regardless of whether they have places available. Children with Statements of SEN/EHCPs are not admitted through the admissions arrangements and are placed in schools through the Statement/EHCP process.

In line with the Equality Act 2010, children with disabilities are not treated less favourably than others in the admission process. Lanesfield School makes reasonable adjustments to prevent discrimination. Any complaint of discrimination in admission arrangements should be made to the independent admission appeal panel and not the First-Tier Tribunal.

At Lanesfield Primary School, we sincerely wish for every child to be happy in their learning. If there are any concerns for your child’s well-being whilst at school, please do not hesitate to contact the Head Teacher in order to move forwards and resolve matters.

The City of Wolverhampton Council determined its admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools on 19 January 2022, these can be found at

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