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A Skills Based Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed to not only teach the essential building blocks of any education such as English and Mathematics, but also provide wider knowledge and understanding of the world we live in.

The world of work is closely linked to the subjects, and the way we teach. We aim to equip all of our children at an early age to have the skills that will be needed to succeed in the future, and become whatever they would like to be later on in life. We are the only school in the UK to achieve Centre of Excellence status for both financial and enterprise education. By teaching children how to manage money and develop their positive attitudes to all matters of finance, we empower them to play a key role in society. Using Enterprise as a way to teach our pupils enables them to develop their skills such as problem solving and team building. We also teach the vital digital skills that are needed in all aspects of life. We have a dedicated Apple teacher, and every pupil has lessons on an iPad.

We also appreciate the value of a rounded education and our curriculum is not entirely focussed on academic subjects. We have a dedicated music teacher – every pupil can experience the joy of learning an instrument. As well as music, we understand all the benefits that PE and sport can bring to our pupils. We have a specialist sports teacher, and football coaching provided by Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Last but not least, we also have a Forest School where our pupils have the opportunity to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning outdoors, in the fresh air and engaging closely with nature.

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please check Showbie and the other pages within the curriculum tab of our website menu. You're also welcome to contact us.

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