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Working in partnership with parents 

“Working in partnership with parents and/or carers is central to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Consulting them about children’s early experiences helps practitioners plan for effective learning at the setting, and helps them support parents in continuing their children's learning development at home.” Early Years Alliance. 


At Lanesfield we are committed to continuously strengthening our partnership with parents in order to achieve the best outcomes for every child. Parents are always welcome in our school. We understand the significant effect they have on their child’s education. This begins with a tour and induction at school and continues throughout the Early Years with parents being invited to take part in key moments and events. 

We use the Parent Mail to send messages to parents, alongside Tapestry to share observations of the children. Our topic webs are sent home at the start of each new topic and they are a great way of sharing ideas that will continue the learning at home.  

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