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Subject Intent

At Lanesfield Primary School music is available for every child. We start and end everyday with music and sing in assemblies and even have our own “Rainbow song”.

We believe Music is a way children can be inspired and motivated. Our intent is to give all children equal opportunities to experience a range of instrumental skills and all children are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical experiences.

Throughout all years children learn the musical elements through song and instrumental work. Our children are taught to compose, perform, record and evaluate. Children are also taught the theory and evolution of music using live and recorded performances. Children throughout their time at Lanesfield are taught a variety of tuned and untuned instruments. This happens within the curriculum and as an extra curriculum activity; as a result encouraging opportunities to develop team work and raise self-esteem especially when performing.


We have a range of music clubs and choirs including the talented “Lanesfield legends” boy band.  At Lanesfield music permeates everything we do through our taught curriculum but also as a support to the everyday life and learning in school which enables our children to evolve and belief anything is possible so that they can succeed beyond expectation.

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