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At Lanesfield we believe Geography starts from the child’s immediate environment.  Through visits into the local community, their egocentric world is extended through first hand experiences, building up their geographical knowledge and skills.  As they become able to tackle more abstract ideas they move onto studying places around the word, hot and cold countries, thinking about what it is like to live there, how we can look after our environment and looking in more detail about what our environment is like. 


We encourage children to ask as well as answer questions and offer them the opportunity to use a variety of methods to gain information.  This includes maps, data, fieldtrips, photos, pictures, geographical equipment.  Wherever possible, the children take part in practical activities to experience ‘real’ geography.


Studying Geography helps pupils develop curiosity in, and an understanding of, themselves other people and places, and the relationship between them. 

Studying Geography offers pupils with learning difficulties opportunities to 


  • Become aware of, and understand, their personal position in space. 

  • Become aware of, and interested in, themselves and their immediate surroundings; 

  • Explore local and wider environments. 

  • Develop an interest in, and knowledge of, places and people beyond their immediate experience. 

  • Experience aspects of other countries and cultures, especially where there are comparisons with their own.


In the Early Years Geography comes under Knowledge and Understanding of the World.  At KS1 and KS2 Geography is taught as part of topic week - all learning for one week will have a pure Geography focus.  This allows for cross curricular teaching and children to be fully emerged into their current topic.  Planning is divided up to ensure no topic is re-covered in a different year group and core geographical skills are built up in each topic week

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