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Subject Intent

We aim to provide high-quality physical education through 2 hours of physical education a week with at least one hour being delivered by a PE specialist where a range of sports, gymnastic and dance activities are on offer throughout the year.


Additionally, year 3 children receive swimming lessons once a week and then further booster lessons in year 6. These activities allow the children to develop physical literacy and so they are confident, competent and motivated movers.

The use of IPads in lessons also supports the children’s critical and evaluative skills to reflect on their performance to help them achieve their personal best.

Throughout school life the children will have opportunities to increase their physical activity and school sport throughout the school day and extra-curricular activities. Through extra-curricular activities the children are able to be part of competitive sports teams where they will embed the school games values: passion; self-belief; respect; honesty; determination and teamwork.

Through experiences in school we allow children to recognise the opportunities of sport and physical activity in the wider world of work. By the end of year 6 we believe our children will have experienced a range of sporting and physical activities to increase their physical confidence, personal development and to recognise the relevance of physical activity to maintain life-long health and wellbeing.



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